Resting is always an option.



Being a Mother of three young children , I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had the very important stranger conversation. How many times I’ve told my oldest to not go near the road and don’t speak to strangers, unless I give him permission to. When I was younger, my parents gave me the same pep talk.


It’s an important life lesson, and I’ve found myself letting it carry into my adult years. I’ve struggled with fear all my life, and so letting my guard down with new people is hard for me. It’s something I’m working on. Healthy fear.




In seasons of deep heartache we have the option to rest in his presence. That’s why it’s vital to have a relationship with Jesus. So when it’s time to climb in his lap, we are comfortable reaching for him. Confident he will pick us up. Sitting on a strangers lap is awkward , but sitting in your Papa’s lap is restful.


How does God not become a stranger to us?


His word. Learning it, dissecting it. Praying it aloud.


But there’s something about having an encounter with his presence that blows away the dust from the bookshelf in your heart. Every doubt of his love falls away and you are immediately sitting in his lap, being rocked. I’m not just talking about a good worship night. I’m not just talking about a good bible study meeting. I’m talking about being totally wrecked with his love , so much that you can not think of anything else but his acceptance and love for you, his child.


It’s those moments that carry us throughout life, when we are so very tired. When we are secure in being his children, breakthrough happens. We are able to see our situations through is eyes because we ARE sitting on his lap.


When he calls me to his lap I want to feel confident I can rest there. And that comes from spending time with him.



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