The social media pressure.

In the age of social media, it’s very easy to base how we dress and how well our make up is done with one question:

” Would this look good on Facebook, what I’m wearing?

I’ve been guilty lately of doing my make up just right, knowing I may take a picture with one of my children that day. I would undoubtedly post it on Facebook. This tells me that I am not making myself look nice for myself, or even for my husband… but instead for hundreds of Facebook friends, and thousands of blog readers.

Who am I trying to impress anyway? What am I trying to prove? That I can have three kids and still have time to perfect my face?  When the reality is that most days are spent unshowered, and bare faced. Most days are spent just trying to be the best okayest Mother I can be. That includes gallons of coffee , and lots of chaos.


Life is messy. So is hair. My hair is real messy right now.

After this realization I took less pictures at my New Years Eve party. In fact I didn’t pick up my phone , except to change the song we were listening to.

I enjoyed my guest, I enjoyed hosting, and I have no couples picture from last night. There’s no document of my outfit. I didn’t feel the need to show the world how many people attended my party, and how much fun we were all having.

I just lived. 

I felt the need to prove that I have a fun life leave. I shrugged my shoulders as I cleaned up after the fun. Something in me was freed up. Leaving space for creativity beyond social media. I don’t have to prove to the world I’m a great Mom by posting pictures of arts and crafts. God knows those last 2-13 minutes tops and then they are back to destroying the playroom.

I felt convicted as to WHO I was living life for. The need to impress people is exhausting , and you will never reach your goal. Not everyone will like you, and that is ok. Your worth is valuable and does not depend on opinions of others.

With my book being published in a few months I will receive a lot of feed back. Good, bad and ugly. I felt the Lord was preparing me for this season by revealing to me WHO I was trying to impress.

He see’s me, all of me. If there is an insecure bone in my body its this one:

I want people to like what I have to say.

I’m excited for these chains to continue to fall of my soul as I proceed forward in my books success.  I wrote this book to bless others. Not to prove to them that I have it all together.

I should have listened to myself almost a year ago when I began writing it.

It’s for you, not me. 

The deep pain that comes with human  acceptance will eventually destroy your self worth.  We must switch our mindsets to please Him, not others.

Let’s live our lives living them and not constantly documenting them. When we document we take away the realness of being present fully.

2 thoughts on “The social media pressure.

  1. Love this Rachel! We realized that we didn’t take one single picture on Christmas morning. At first I felt sort of sad, but then I felt happy. We LIVED that morning. We experienced it fully, not behind a camera or phone screen. Our memories are there, and I am happy we were fully present. Love your writing (not that it matters)!

    1. Thats wonderful! Thank you for saying that! Im overjoyed for you having #4! Thats so courageous and exciting!! Prayers for a wonderful pregnancy and birth! Xoxo

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